Why is Dr. Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State who has said that she will not run for president in 2008, the GOP's best option to win the White House in said year?

The polls have consistently shown that there are only three Republicans who can beat the major Democratic candidates in 2008.  Those three Republicans are Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Condoleezza Rice.

However, there is only one candidate that is acceptable to the GOP out of those three: Condi Rice.

Giuliani could win the general election hands down, but he is a notoriously hardcore social liberal who would get torn apart in the primaries.

McCain could also win the general election, but he has proven far too unloyal to his party.  He has spent the past ten years trying to please everybody, and he's only just ended up making a lot of enemies.  He is a known opportunist who rides the controversies of the movement for the publicity.  His legislating record is pretty dismal -- his torture bill (just publicity fluff) didn't really accomplish anything new; his McCain-Feingold bill is possibly one of the most horrendous pieces of legislation to ever deface the Constitution of the United States.  He's got a lot of skeletons in his closet with questions about his Vietnam service, his ties to organized crime families in the US, and the divorcing of his faithful wife only to turn around and marry a rich Budweiser distributor's daughter.  McCain will be, and should be, an utterly appalling choice for Commander in Chief.

Condi Rice, on the other hand, has proven to be extraordinarily intelligent and wise.  She has proven to be a true woman of integrity, honesty, and sincerity.  She has a wonderful personality -- she is definitely a lady, but she can be tough as nails when the situation requires.  She has proven her ability to handle crises.  She is a fiscal and foreign policy genius (in her first two years as Stanford University's provost, she inverted the college's $20 mill debt, and her bold restructuring of the State Dept and US foreign policy are already bearing fruit).  She is a woman who is well spoken, who has a penetrating mind with an affinity for strategy and conceptualization, and her specialty is diplomacy, international affairs, and national security -- the three issues that will be most important in 2008.

It's got to be Condi.

The country needs her as President at this specific point in history.  Only she can reach across the racial, gender, and political divides and reunite the nation in a way that hasn't been done since Eisenhower.

We, as conservatives, must -- I repeat, must -- draft this woman for President in 2008.
Condoleezza Rice for President